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Worlds Apart – David Newby

Stories about love, language and cultures

Worlds Apart is about relationships between men and women from different places, different languages, different national cultures, different religions, different lifestyles, and of course, different genders. The stories are humorous yet heart-rending, satirical yet sensitive, upsetting yet uplifting – essential reading for anyone who loves life, language and British humour.

David Newby was, until his retirement, professor of linguistics and language didactics at Graz University, Austria, and Bergen University, Norway. He is the author of academic publications, school textbooks and several works of drama. His play The Language of Love was a finalist in the BBC World Service playwriting competition. The Family Album was performed on three school tours by Vienna’s English Theatre. His most recent play is Love Conquers All.

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Hardcover (Soft-touch), 176 pages
ISBN 978-3-903284-00-5

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