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Worlds Apart

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Hardcover (Soft-touch), 176 pages
ISBN 978-3-903284-00-5
Published 2018
Photos: Aleks Marinkovic

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Stories about love, language and cultures

Worlds Apart is about relationships between men and women from different places, different languages, different national cultures, different religions, different lifestyles, and of course, different genders. The stories are humorous yet heart‐​rending, satirical yet sensitive, upsetting yet uplifting – essential reading for anyone who loves life, language and British humour.

From the stories

It was on a cool and drizzly June afternoon that Heinrich Strasser stepped onto the quay side at Dover. In doing so, he saw himself as a passive, pacifist Julius Caesar: he would come, he would see, he would be conquered, by all things British. Like an inverted missionary, he was here to have the Good News spread to him by the natives.
– Culture Lovers

‘I think my husband might be secretly in love with you.’
‘Don’t be ridiculous! How could anyone be in love with me?’
– Joy of man’s desiring

‘Oh fuck!’ he murmured as he poured himself a glass of his beloved Armagnac brandy. ­Being of a literary bent, he would probably have chosen different words, had he known that they were to be his last.
– Framing

David Newby

David Newby was, until his retirement, professor of linguistics and language didactics at Graz University, Austria, and Bergen University, Norway. He is the author of academic publications, school textbooks and …

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3 Bewertungen für Worlds Apart

  1. 5 von 5


    »It’s time for another short story«!

    Eine wunderbar unterhaltsame Sammlung von humorvollen Kurzgeschichten über »Liebe, Sprache und Kulturen«, wie der Titel schon sagt. Dementsprechend sprachlich unglaublich raffiniert und ein Muss für Liebhaber britischen Humors! Jede einzelne der Geschichten hat mich auf ihre eigene Weise amüsiert, wobei mir besonders das überraschende Ende gefiel, welches alle Charaktere miteinander verknüpft.

    Außerdem sehr unterhaltend und originell fand ich »Framing«, welche durch zahlreiche Illustrationen (semi‐​graphic story) gerahmt wird. Ich musste beim Lesen viele Male laut auflachen, wie etwa bei: »His wife was wifing around in a very wifely way«, um nur ein Beispiel zu nennen.

  2. 5 von 5

    Boris Putrih

    I really enjoyed the rich language and the way the author plays with well‐​known proverbs. The different stories all have their own character but they are connected by a common theme and style. The book is a quick read but with all the references and topics raised it gives you enough to think about. I was especially fond of the dry and subtle humor.

  3. 5 von 5

    Lis loves languages

    I loved the book. On the content level, the stories reminded me of David Lodge, but the language is even better. It’s full of puns and idioms that roll smoothly one after the other. I must have had a smile on my face all the way through the book.

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